My name is José M. López aka Takahashi. I was born 1986, and have always been a car lover, specially for Japanese cars. Finally after long wait in 2004 I was graduated as Car Technician in my country of birth, Spain. I was working during 8 years for my local Honda Dealer and after that stage I decided to move to England in 2009, specifically to London to get some proper English and get more job experience.

I returned Spain in 2011, and I came back to my Honda dealer for another year and a half, but my dream of moving Japan was so strong and I couldn’t stay for long in Spain.

I moved summer 2013 to Kyoto, to learn Japanese as my first target but also to keep improving my technician skills in the place I most love. My dear Japan. So, here I am living in Kyoto and going everyday to school to learn japanese, trying to get a new job to speak japanese daily at the time I spend my time visiting workshop and garages trying to show you how beautiful Kansai area is.


Here me, the guy whit the white T-shirt and Mr. Miura San.

You can get in touch with me by many ways just click the following links.

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