HKS 86 Turning Project ♪♪

HKS which would participate in 2012 D1 GP by Toyota 86.
Push forward development at a fast pace, but at first is run now; a normal physical fitness test. I run Tsukuba circuit by coverage of V-OPT this time. 谷口信輝選手 attacked thyme with suspension, a muffler, brakes, specifications of normal positive α such as the tire. By the way, on earth how many seconds would you record?
This design is recorded in Video OPTION Vol.216.


Daytona Dream

Last month, global racing fans descended on Daytona International Speedway in Florida as the legendary endurance race celebrated its 50th anniversary.

But for Japanese racing fans memories will always turn back to 1992.

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Hoon TV – Hakosuka

Every time I watched that video my heart start beating faster, and my brain is excited by beautiful images and sounds. It makes you start thinking what we are doing in our lifes. Why we don’t spend our time restoring, driving or working in performance? Those jobs is what we like. This is why we are living and something I noticed is that when we aren’t doing those jobs we aren’t happy at all.

We need something more, we need cars, we need to spend our leisure time on internet, on blogs, looking for projects, drifting videos, and pictures. We need buy and sell cars. We to change tyres, wheels, coilovers.

When watching that video most of will feel the same that guy is saying, most of you have had a dozen of cars, worked many projects in diferents ways, but after all you guys love cars. Follow your dream as they will become reality. Enjoy the video