Varietta Style-A

Yo readers!

How is going? I hope everything well!

My posts are mostly about certain cars, and this is not a excepcion. Been looking through the Internet, and been very curious in Autech versions of common Nissan models, they made an R32, an S14, the Stagea 260RS..

And they obviously made an S15


This is a Silvia Varietta, the convertible version of the infamous S15. This one came stock and the owner changed the wheels, now sits on Model 6 and the bumper, which is the Autech Style – A one.

The car looks very cool, it is different of what we use to see, and that is good. We like to post this kind of different cars.


Weird looking but very aggresive, I really like this bumper.


Comfortable when you need it, sporty when you want it. Pretty perfect daily car, and so nice to enjoy the weekends. Remember this version came with an N/A engine SR20DE with 160bhp.


This is what I like to see in my perfect weekend.


And yeah, a shoot of the rear, trunk is higher than the Coupe one, it looks rare but also cool to see!


And this is one of my favourite things of a car, the interior and its details, leather seats are very elegant, and that Varietta panel is an awesome detail, very exclusive at nights! I am amazed of how cars with 10, 15 or 20 years old can have these nice details.

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