Classic style: 180SX

These days when many cars looks like the same, with same degrees camber, same stickers and same attachments, is very cool to find some classic stuff. Like when we where in early nineties again.

No fenders, no big bumpers, no colors everywhere. No black steely wheels, no hellaflush, fatlace and company stickers. No super slammed, no roof rack and trick bike.

_MG_8928 copia

No I am not blaming anyone car’s. You know I like a lot these days tuning cars, full of fun, owners are not afraid of anything, and like today internet become so big if you want to appear in social networks or big blog pages you should call someones attention in other to “exist”. That in fact makes like competence and makes to owners an extra effort when modifying cars.

But today here is like a travel back to other stage, when everything was easy and just for your own fun.

_MG_8931 copia

No rear spoiler or wing, just a simple aero part attached to the original bumper.

_MG_8929 copia

_MG_8930 copia

_MG_8932 copia

Proper side skirt matching the rear and front lips.

IMG_8923 copia

IMG_8924 copia

IMG_8925 copia

And what at the front? Just small lip to make the car look sporty. This is an example of driving a really usable daily car and also how to get a fun car to drive in open roads and circuit events. I just hope you liked to watch something a little different. A really sleepy car, if this car wasn’t yellow maybe I didn’t even noticed that the car was parked in that parking lot.