Small cars, are you in?

In most countries specially America and also Europe small cars are not too popular when talking about performance, racing or today’s stance movement. But when we talk about small cars, and as many other times, Japan made again a revolution back in the days.

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Japanese case is the most obvious, when car space is reduced, the need of a small car increase at the top list. As you well know Japan also have special regulation for super small cars best known as Kei Cars, but today is not the case. Continue reading “Small cars, are you in?”

OSD 2013 – Castelloli Parking Lot I

The past Sunday 28/7 took place the OSD Round Castelloli. I always like to go to the parkings when there’s a racing event to get some photos of spectators cars. Here are some of the photos of the parking.

IMG_7953 copia

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