T1 is popular worldwide

Ey! No! No! Don’t click back button in your browser. This is still r32taka but there is an special delivery today. Volkswagen delivery.

Even being a super japanese car addicted, I have been the owner of two VW Golf II in the past, so I still have some love for the old german cars. Specially the classics, telling you the truth I don’t car much about modern german cars.


The most popular van ever is also so popular here in this amazing country. Japan is home of one of the most crazy creations when talking about the old school Volkswagen.


I found this style-ish Volkswagen Bus in Nagoya during a one day trip when I shot the Gloria you have seen here last month.







Back to life

Back to Euro this week. I’ve spend many days without posting any Euro shit. Founding that Golf and because I’ve watched a funny video about how to buy a Golf II makes want to publish some Euro pictures. Lets start with an orange MKII.