Osaka: Car Spotting

IMG_1917 copia


That was impressing, specially the Porsche was so noisy.

IMG_1914 copia

I will be so happing owning one like this again. Civic’s got much love from the Osaka Car Culture.

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You don’t see this often. That Toyota was like just bought from the dealer.

_MG_1957 copia


I think I have speak in other post about how popular de Mini’s are in this country. There are many non official dealer all abroad the country.

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Many of you are thinking what to do with that PS13 right…

_MG_1953 copia

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Being in Japan what is really and spot is to find that Mustang lol.

_MG_1956 copia


Probably the coolest Toyota Crown I have seen until now. The mix of VIP Car and Work Meisters is so great.

_MG_1960 copia

_MG_1961 copia

_MG_2034 copia

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The GT86 Rocket Bunny 2

Here we are again, at the Rocket Bunny Tra Kyoto Shop. I go sometimes due to Miura San. I like to talk and learn from him. Today we have here the RB2 which in my opinion is the best Rocket Bunny created. Maybe because the choose color. Here are many pictures hoping you like it.

_MG_0651 copia

_MG_0670 copia

_MG_0672 copia

_MG_0877 copia

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_MG_0627 copia

_MG_0644 copia

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We know already that HKS is going to participate in D1GP with Toyota new 86 again this year.
The news was anounced at Tokyo Autosalon.

Of course the pilot is Nobuteru Taniguchi!!!
He is my favorite driver.  Because I saw his drift, I fell in love with drift.. ♥
I’ve been waiting his come-back for so long..

Now HKS is preparing the 86 for D1GP. ^^
We’ll see how they prepare the car..!!

This year D1GP is really interesting ♪♪