Forgotten FWD Accord Euro R JDM


The reason why some cars are sometimes forgotten is a mystery. The are some beautiful cars out there that for some reason people don’t care much. Here in rthirtytwotaka we try to show them sometimes to keep them alive.


Probable since the drifting scene came out to internet, many of the FWD are really abandoned. Honda was very popular since Fast Furious but later on Nissan and Toyota are leading the top searches in every social network.


Sometimes there are other reasons, like come cars where never exported from Japan but this also applies to other cars and they are hitting the scene very hard as Cresta or Mark II’s.





Toyota Cresta JZX100

Hey everybody, I’m back. Yesterday I hung out with my friend and we drove a round in his Toyota Cresta to Daikoku Futo and some other places. Enjoy the photos of his car!


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