A monorail trip to Odaiba. Taking the Yurikamome.

As a lover of car culture, there is a place well known in Tokyo that should always pay a visit. The Toyota Mega Web.

Basically the Toyota Mega Web is a kind of super Toyota dealership open to the public to check and test yourself new models, but also future, classic cars and competition models of the Japanese brand are displayed. Continue reading “A monorail trip to Odaiba. Taking the Yurikamome.”

Scale Models at the Toyota Historical Garage

Inside the Toyota Historical Garage there are some other ways to spend than only admire classic cars from all eras. You can also admire scale models, from 1:43 to 1:8. There many, several, thousands of them.

IMG_2534 copia

IMG_2536 copia

IMG_2538 copia

IMG_2541 copia

_MG_2588 copia

_MG_2582 copia

_MG_2583 copia

The are european cars, american cars and an spectacular collection of japanese models. Here is just a bunch of examples, I really just prefer that you go and visit and try to spend a couple of hours visiting and taking your time.

_MG_2584 copia

_MG_2590 copia

_MG_2589 copia

I specially liked this one. Trampio livery for the AE86.

_MG_2591 copia

_MG_2592 copia

_MG_2601 copia

Any drinks ?

One of the things that you may remember when thinking in Japan are probably the vending machines.


Vending machines are everywhere. They’re in subway stations, parking lots, buildings, civic centers, and especially on the streets. There are hundreds of them selling all kind of stuff. Hot or cold drinks, water, coke, tea, beers …

The variety of drinks you can taste is unimaginable, but I decided to take some pictures of some drinks you can find walking cities. Also noticeable is the possibility to buy tobacco in the streets if you have special card to ID yourself.

Here is just an small sample of drinks.

DSC_0889 copia

IMG_6216 copia

IMG_6194 copia

IMG_5983 copia

DSC_0844 copia

IMG_5895 copia

DSC_0836 copia

IMG_5896 copia

IMG_5638 copia

IMG_5475 copia

IMG_5451 copia

IMG_5450 copia

DSC_0842 copia

IMG_5323 copia

IMG_5252 copia

IMG_5138 copia

IMG_5137 copia

IMG_5092 copia

IMG_4919 copia

IMG_4793 copia

DSC_0885 copia

IMG_4621 copia

IMG_4003 copia

Nakamurabashi Awaodori Festival Tonight – Daikonren


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If you are in Tokyo today you could do worse than to visit the Nakamurabashi Awaodori festival in Nerima Ward. The main event is tonight! I visited the warm up yesterday and I have never seen so many kids in Tokyo in my life. The average age of the people visiting must have been eight or nine. The main main parade takes place along the local shopping street, moving under the train tracks and onto the stage area in front of the station and then to the last bit of the shopping street.

Yesterday there were only a handful of teams taking part in the parade and they were all local Nerima teams. Perhaps the most famous of the Nerima based teams is the Daikonren (だいこん連), after the local vegetable speciality, the daikon, which are said to be especially delicious grown around here. These days though, Nerima ward being almost…

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