Suzuka cancels “Mospofes 2020” event

Also Japan, even with their enormous effort to take control under coronavirus is finally surrounded, as country is locking down until further notice.

Supra gr

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D1GP at Suzuka Circuit. Nob Taniguchi HKS86 Shakedown

D1GP Rd2 at Suzuka Circuit

Nob Taniguchi drove a HKS 86. He’s got the 5th position.  The several years’ absence had no effect on his drift..
His drift line was very beautiful, but he wanted more power.

His car has 530hp.  In the Drift competition nowadays we can say 530hp is powerful, but not so much…  His car has a FA20 Super charger, and its powersteering is normal.  M. Orido and T. Hibino who drive GT86 have already changed their engines and powersteerings.  It seemed that HKS had worked a lot on the car, during pre-season but the car still needs the change. We’ll see how this car is going to be developed in next months.

I’ll post you several videos from D1GP Rd2.

Enjoy watching Nob san’s drift.. ^^



Best 16      Nob san vs TK san (T. Kataoka)

HKS 86 debut at Suzuka (from HKS )

D1 debut

D1GP Rd2 Suzuka. Final Result

The champion is Kuniaki Takahashi!!

1.  K. Takahashi

2. D. Saito

3. N. Kumakubo

4. T. Ueno

5. N. Taniguchi

6. M. Orido

7. T. Iwai

8. M. Fujinaka

9. K. Takayama

10. T. Hibino

11. K. Bai

12. T. Tezuka

13. M. Suenaga

14. T. Kataoka

15. S. Tanaka

16. K. Nomura