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Abandoned Cars: Subaru 600

subaru abandonado2

You know that happened for long time. Is kind of easy to spot classic cars (now) abandoned in someone’s house or garages. You probably still remember the post with a couple of Honda Beat.

subaru abandonado1

I have never seen that model before. This is a Subaru 600 maybe around early 70’s.

subaru abandonado

Bee*Racing 86/FRS/BRZ


So I lied, there is one last car I want to show you guys that I shot at Tokyo Auto Salon. This is the crazy Bee*R “FR-S”. The reason I use quotation marks is because a lot of people don’t know that this car started it’s life actually as a Subaru BRZ, not a Toyota 86. I’m not sure why they rebadged it, but they’re both the same car anyways.

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Part III

DSC_0203 1

Here is part 3 of the Auto Salon coverage from January! There will be one more part and then we will look at the parking lot

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Monster Event Parking Lot Part II

Hi, here is the last post on the Monster Energy Ken Block’s Tokyo Experience event coverage! It’s a second look at the parking lots.

DSC_0101 1

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