Rocky Auto: Part III

I finally released the last part of the visit to Rocky Auto. You know we don’t like to talk much in our post because at the end of the day what about we car is cars. So here are last photos.

In this third part are mostly finished cars.

IMG_9048 copia

IMG_9052 copia

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IMG_9049 copia

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IMG_9126 copia

Original Hakosuka GTR engine, this is a masterpiece of technology for its age.

Rocky Auto: Part II

Welcome back to part two of the visit to the Nissan paradise. Classic Nissan paradise. I did the first post just and introduction of some cars that still need some work. Specially Z31 an other Z.



I am a little special. Probably that C210 was my favorite car over that place. When something is not very popular, it starts to call my attention, but to being honest those cars here are very expensive. In fact every classic car here is tagged in a lot of Yen.


Toyota V8 powered 240Z. Amazing sound that car. N/A V8 is beautiful swap for the Fairlady’s. Totally restored.


First time I sat in a Hakosuka, great experience to check the gearbox. So sport for such an old car.





Here there is a Honda S800, almost the only exception. There was also a modified Corona in the garage.



There were many many Hakosukas, I have never seen so many Classic Nissan together.  I think because Rocky Auto has all them.









Rocky Auto: Part I

IMG_9019 copia

I remember this day like yesterday. When I travel to Nagoya to see my friend from Shiomi Garage he took me to one of the most impressive garages that I have never seen.

I decided to make various post about this incredible shop because I have many pictures and post them in once will so much.

The first thing you find when you spot Rocky Auto is a parking lot. At the entrance there are many Z31 and some other cars still waiting for restoration, maybe some are just donors, or maybe this place is also like a museum that no even Nissan has. This first part of Rocky Auto is about that parking. The parking itself is very much than you expect.

IMG_9021 copia

This is as I said what you spot first, but then you get inside moving as best as you can for this kind paradise of nostalgic japanese cars. Let me show some examples.

IMG_9022 copia

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