The Testarrosa

Probably you have seen a Testarrosa before, I have never did. This car is just the typical car you had when you were a kid in your room. You have played with it many times imitating its sound. A die cast model of a Ferrari Testarrosa is very common if your where young kid in the nineties.

But here is an special Koenig Ferrari Testarrosa on a very shiny BBS wheels, which in my opinion is a perfect combo for this awesome car.

I have never been a fan of Ferrari but Ferrari’s from the 80´s and early 90’s got that special feeling of real sports car. No space for the comfort here, just a supersport car ready to be used everyday.

_MG_0619 copia

_MG_0615 copia

_MG_0612 copia

_MG_0611 copia

_MG_0616 copia

_MG_0620 copia

_MG_0623 copia

_MG_0624 copia

Vanquish Ultimate GT


Highly distinctive, yet timelessly attractive. Unique features take the design ethos of Aston Martin into a new generation. An all-new exterior form, influenced by the One-77 supercar, sees each carbon-fibre body panel take a taut, aggressive form. The sculpted curves of the wheel arches and rear haunches define the profile. The iconic Aston Martin grille and new front-splitter create a unique ‘face’.

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Do you know who is this guy?


Don’t you? Thanks to him we have some of these cars today.






These cars are powered by 326power

But, how is 326power? And how he started?

326 was made by Haruguchi Mitsuru, a D1 Grand Prix driver, he drived his yellow FC3S with a BN-Sports bodykit. It was an awesome car for the timr, here are some pics to remember it.




You sure rememer his car while watched old D1GP videos, D1 wasn’t that elitist and professional as it is right now. 326 started like a team, awesome drift/luxury-ish cars, mostly Nissan, but also they used other cars.

They also appeared in Drift Tengoku!

Now is much more than a guy and his team. It’s a style of tuning!

326666 (1)

326666 (3)

326666 (4)

326666 (5)

326666 (6)

326666 (7)

326666 (8)

326666 (18)

326666 (19)

To be honest, MASALOOK?! car deserve to be here

326666 (2)

326666 (16)

326666 (17)

And what about the sedans and european cars powered by 326?

326666 (15)

326666 (14)

326666 (13)

326666 (12)

326666 (9)

326666 (10)

326666 (11)

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Source: Minkara/Tumblr/Shirtstuckedin