The Rocket Bunny E36

_MG_0648 copia

This is just the last creation of Miura San aka Rocket Bunny. The E36 is great bet for Miura San. You know that even E36 being popular, here in Japan is not the most popular car you can find for racing and even less for drifting.

_MG_0649 copia

I remember when I went for first time to Autoland and Miura San show me the renderings of the proyect. He worked so quick to make it real and here is the result.

_MG_0654 copia

I like a lot to visit Miura San and talk to him. He is very pleasant and very kind person. Spending time with him talking about 15 years ago of Kanjo’s and street drifting is such a great experience for a car guy like me.

_MG_0658 copia

_MG_0660 copia

_MG_0661 copia

_MG_0657 copia

Project 2.5 Turbo Rabbit

After having thrown as many basic bolt-on modifications as we could at our 2.5 project Rabbit we finally got serious and added a C2 Stage 2 turbo kit. At the same time we took the opportunity to upgrade the headlights and install our prototype 2.5l engine mount.

For more photos and specs check out the write up here: