Quick view at Shogo’s Gloria

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Usually you do not have the opportunity of finding such kind of cars. Old School Japanese cars today aren’t as common as you may think. And specially as this Nissan Gloria that Shogo uses everyday as daily driver.

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Even running a little rich this Gloria has a beautiful sound. Carbs has an special spirit, the smell of those cars make you have a free travel to the past, when petrol wasn’t a big problem.

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The inside view was very clean, like no years had passed. Every chrome was shine and the customized steering give to the car the perfect look for Shogo’s character.

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Spot: Sunny Truck

This place, r32taka.com is not like others. We are a real JDM lovers, and really love JDM cars. The Datsun Sunny truck is that kind of cars that you should know about if you are a really japanese lover.

Here is a great example of how to execute a Datsun Sunny. Keep it clean, keep using it every day and then you will enjoy a real car. Sometimes is not everything about drift cars, super VIP CARS, sometimes you should appreciate what a car owner has done to keep a car a life a here is a great example of a great old school car to remember.

When you stay closer for some minutes in front of a car like this one, then you really notice how much the owner is proud of his creation, and I think that nothing is better than be proud of what have you built.

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Inside T.R.A Kyoto aka Rocket Bunny

When for first time I found myself looking for TRA Kyoto I was already excited. Just the pleasure of finding the workshop in the streets of UJI was amazing. TRA Kyoto is that kind of place you think that don’t really exist. Is just on the internet and is not the real life.

IMG_8486 copia

After searching internet at yahoo and some other japanese place I did get the address, then was just google how to go.

I know that this is not the kind of post you expect about TRA Kyoto. You expected rocket bunnies all around, but this post is something more spiritual. Here in rthirtytwotaka we love the classic images and classic stickers and signs, so I decided that the first post will be about showing something more about TRA Kyoto.

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Like almost half of Japan, the mess is like the rule number one. Here we have an scale model of the most recent Miura-san Scion FRS. Yes Scion, as the car was imported from the US, more specifically straight from Santa Monica.

IMG_8482 copia

The well known Rocket Bunny PS13 also in scale model version.

IMG_8485 copia

IMG_8466 copia

As I am spanish born, this really surprised me. Old school Rallies from Mexico all them wrote in Spanish. Really amazing stuff inside the office.

IMG_8405 copia

IMG_8407 copia

Do you have a letter to Miura San? Post box can’t confused you, If you find this, you are already visiting TRA Kyoto, and if you are here you are really excited.

IMG_8474 copia

IMG_8475 copia

More classic images and signs, Miura San has a great taste and he is a great american culture lover as we can see.

IMG_8476 copia

IMG_8370 copia

Here as a result of many many bumper cuts everything is plenty of white dust. But for I don’t now the reason is like the only way it can be. If weren’t like that then this would be another shop but not TRA Kyoto.

IMG_8484 copia

IMG_8483 copia

IMG_8481 copia

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The collection of T-shirt and Jackets is awesome, some were never used yet, maybe waiting the next Kanjo Battle in Osaka. The skate was just as cool as the rest of the stuff inside the office. There is an strange feeling when you sit down together to Miura San. Like you and the Master teaching you and showing you all the stuff around. Such a great feeling.
IMG_8477 copia

I promise you next post will have many Rocket Bunny cars and some other cool things that Miura San showed to rthirtytwotaka. Now I just wait to find one of our sticker in the next project, which of course I have seen but is really confidential. See you soon.

Forgotten FWD Accord Euro R JDM


The reason why some cars are sometimes forgotten is a mystery. The are some beautiful cars out there that for some reason people don’t care much. Here in rthirtytwotaka we try to show them sometimes to keep them alive.


Probable since the drifting scene came out to internet, many of the FWD are really abandoned. Honda was very popular since Fast Furious but later on Nissan and Toyota are leading the top searches in every social network.


Sometimes there are other reasons, like come cars where never exported from Japan but this also applies to other cars and they are hitting the scene very hard as Cresta or Mark II’s.





Inside High Bridge First

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High Bridge First is a Jimmny specialist located in Uji-shi. I had the opportunity last week to spend sometime with them. As always japanese people is so kind and they always want to show you everything about their workshops.

IMG_8435 copia

As an Jimny specialist the workshop is fully invaded for that small all terrain car. The is a particularity about Jimny’s in Japan as they are built as a kei car which is 660cc and as Suzuki sold them in Europe 1.300cc. Easy to difference them as kei cars has yellow plates.

IMG_8434 copia

Kei Car Jimny’s have 660cc Turbo K6A-engined pushing 63ps from factory. The larger 1.3-litre Jimny was originally equipped with the G13BB engine pushing 80ps.

IMG_8417 copia

Basically High Bridge First is a performance garage for upgrading your Jimny into an off road monster. They got everything you need, suspension, exhaust, roll cages and ECU reprogramming as well as all kind of accessories for inside and outside.

IMG_8432 copia

IMG_8431 copia

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IMG_8425 copia

This red Suzuki is a mini van named Suzuki EVERY. Like for everyday usage. Equipped with bags the guys of High Brige First made a small show with the car lifting in it which in fact was very funny to watch.

IMG_8420 copia

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Just in case you need to contact them to upgrade your Jimny please visit:

High Bridge First