T.R.A Kyoto second time around

IMG_8411 copia

Arriving to TRA Kyoto wasn’t easy at all. But after a hard google, minkara and ameblo search finally I get the address to reach one of the most famous places in Kansai area. TRA KYOTO. I never imagined before to find myself here. This is the first view you find when you arrive this sacred place.

There is no big logo of TRA Kyoto over the workshop, no high stylish design of letters or graphics. This place is for design car parts and this is what they do best.


IMG_8389 copia

As you has seen before the FRS build is just as awesome as other rocket bunny cars but this is a very special one as this a Scion FRS not Toyota and this car is LHD. Miura San is so american freak as we seen in the the first post Inside TRA Kyoto.

IMG_8369 copia

I now understand why this FRS had no bumper, Kei Miura release this week some pictures of the new front bumper design. Which now incorporates new air vents and also day lights.

IMG_8363 copia

IMG_8348 copia

Super wide car, super wide wheels and super awesome design as TRA Kyoto has used to show. Quality parts. But quality means hard work and the hours in design and fabrications can really be appreciate when you talk for a while with Miura-San.

Even whit his hard work everyday he was so pleasant for the r32taka visit, in fact he showed as many top secrets designs he got for this years. I cannot reveal anything I am sorry. But expect to be very surprised, really.

IMG_8362 copia

Original Rocket Bunny now is waiting for new stuff, this is only I can say. I saw the car renders for the future. Miura-San made me very happy, he is one of a kind man.

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Another classic, and probably the most well known KANJO CARS. Long time not running it.

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IMG_8336 copia

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IMG_8333 copia

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I still have many more pictures of TRA Kyoto, that a really one to post in the next post dedicated to this lovely workshop and his adorable man in charge. He has build big reputation in this car world and deserve most of my attention.

After the visit has been there other days, talked him is very impressive believe me.