Rare cars in Japan: P250S Lamborghini Urraco 1973

We all know that japanese are one of the most strongest followers of cars and this do not only is refered to JDM world we used to know. Japan has one of the biggest demand of supercars in earth. All we remember that iconic accident featuring some 355’s. But they are also enthusiast of old school european supercars as we gonna see in a series of articles.

The Lamborghini Urraco was a sports car manufactured by Italian automaker Lamborghini in the 1970s. It was introduced at the Turin auto show in 1970 but wasn’t available to buyers until 1973.

The car was a 2+2 coupé with body designed by Marcello Gandini, at the time working for Carrozzeria Bertone.[1] Rather than being another supercar, like the Lamborghini Miura, the Urraco was more affordable, an alternative to the contemporary Ferrari Dino and Maserati Merak.

When production ended in 1979, 791 Urracos had been built. Twenty-one of these were labelled Urraco PIII (P250 Tipo III) for the American market. In order to comply with American regulations, these cars had larger front bumpers and emissions controls, the latter resulting in less horsepower for the American version. The other Urraco versions were the Urraco P200, Urraco P250 and Urraco P300 with 2 litre, 2.5 litre, and 3 litre V-8 respectively*.




* Wikipedia
Photos: Minkara

Kenmeri Meeting 10th Jun 2012

The previous days of rain makes someone’s think that some people will not attend the meeting. But there was a good amount of cars parked in the Kenmeri Festival in Fujikahama. One funny thing is that I found the event announcement.

Many people looking at cars. Some aren’t Kenmeri’s but they were welcome.

My choice without dubts.

Source: C110 Skyline

GX61 scale models

Here are some examples that I managed to found surfing internet. Some are elegant, some sporty. But all them are awesome and some out of order due to its age in the market.

I’m sure there are some more beautiful ones but I think is always cool enjoy the old school scale models? And if you love the Cresta/Chaser family then it is a pleasure.


Many owners had 2JZ swapped by now, don’t you think?


Luxury models with slammed stanced before you build it. Awesome look for an scale model.


Tune models are the best looking here. I really wanna see one of those built with quality to see how wonderful these scale models are.


Here is my favorite. Half low-boso, half classic. Best looking scale model of the bunch. Perfect match body colour and wheels combo.


This is a rare one. It is coupe and the aerodinamycs makes this car look like a super shilouette Toyota Cresta without livery.

As always Fujimi made many of them? Extra care of the domestic market.


While finding all these scale models that many are for sale yet I realized how important classic Toyota sedans were/are for the japanese families.


And still today Toyota works on quality sedans and also affordable. Bravo!

The Big Blog Theory

Do you wanna get comments? I’m afraid not.

As a blogger and as most of you bloggers that follow a lot of blogs over whole internet you sure have reached some targets. Some are have fixed as target views, some is write just what you like whatever is more commercial or isn’t, other look for comment trying to get loyalty.

You write because you like it, because you want to show trends, what you think is cool to people. Sometimes you write for no one as most of us aren’t big blogs.

When at the start of car blogging, there were a bunch of bloggers trying to show people the automotive culture out of the standard media press. Because I’m sure when you were young and you used to walk towards your kiosk looking for a new magazine with the quality you expect since you paid 5$ in best of cases. So to solve that and taking advantage of internet blogs start emerge and some of them today are biggest blog on internet. After sometime single bloggers did its best to earn a virtual space out there.

Over that era, the big blog had thousands of comments and created the first Facebook pages reaching hundreds of thousands of people and everybody started an automotive related blog.

But unfortunately  most of them died. And as a consequence surviving today is quite difficult due to thousand of blog fighting for the same carguys. And then you start thinking about how can you stay out there. How can you get subscribers, comments and views to let people know about your website, that at the end of the day is just the way you see the automotive culture and life.

Cheking Fatlace I noticed that not even Fatlace got many comments. I took a screenshot but you can check it by yourself just clicking the link.

How is that possible?

They got thousands of views every day. They are business, sold stickers, clothing, what ever you imagine. They run shops, japanese photographers and big events each year in different locations. I also checked other sites like StanceWorks or Speedhunters obtaining the same result, few comments. So is just time for pictures, as today’s world. Everything is about the photo. Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Tablets and Smartphones. We see what our friends did last weekend in pictures instead of meet him at your local coffee shop. We spend hours on youtube, flickr and watching someone’s photos on Facebook. So we prefer to watch than read for only reason of what a picture can say without words.

What can we do?

Nothing. It is not so clear what begins first. Is it internet that can make something become a world trend? Or are trends in the streets and internet is a window? So if we can’t reply that question right, you can’t know what people wants to watch, to read or to comment. What is impressive today for us? Have we seen everything on today’s world? I am sure not. And I am excited about what blogs will post in future, which is car is gonna be posted in everysingle forum or blog, the drift video going viral because its production.