Nissan-powered cars finished the ‘6 Heures du Castellet’ in first and second position today with the Thiriet by TDS Racing team taking the win and the Sebastien Loeb Racing team finishing in the runner up spot. Greaves Motorsport were heading for a win when some bodywork damage caused Alex Brundle to come in for an extra pit stop. The team settled for fourth place at the flag.

Qualifying duty at Greaves fell to Tom Kimber-Smith on Saturday and he put the Zytek-Nissan on the second row of the grid in third position. A clean getaway during the rolling start would be crucial for the Englishman on Sunday.

“The start was interesting as I managed to get a good run on (Mathias) Beche across the line but then he turned across me,” explained Tom. “This made me lose momentum so (Warren) Hughes was able to slip past me. I got him back though and settled into the race in third place. My first stint was pretty easy. I didn’t push too hard as I was on the soft tyres and knew I needed to save them. I steadily caught the leaders and then after a great pit stop I switched onto the hard compound and passed the Status car for second. The last part of my triple stint was a lot harder as the Status car started to catch me as my tyres went off so I had to push hard. Considering the fact there weren’t a huge amount of cars out there it was very busy on track. All in all though everything went perfectly to plan for us in the early stages of the race.”