2014 OSD: Things become serious

Hello guys, how is going?

2014 started a couple of months ago, more or less, and everybody is getting ready for the new season of every sport. Obviously I am not going to talk about the 2014 football season. We are going to talk about the drift season, the spanish drift season.


After DriftSpain’s and CED’s cessation last year, there was only one championship in Spain, Open Slalom Drift, promoted by Grupspeed. This year we will have OSD again and then a new one, Drifkhana.


Sounds interesting, but lets focus on the OSD one. Why? Well, its the one with more level in the whole country, we will have known faces and others that aren’t that well known. Some of the drivers are changing their weapons, or just upgrading them to the next level.

To be honest, things changed a lot, Gallo changed some bits of his E36, Ninocrack won’t be racing with the S14a, Jesus will be in the game with his Chaser.. Lets show them!

Gallo changed the bumper for the E36 one, imo looks better. As for Fran Bolaños, he removed all the sponsor stickers and now the car is all blue with an Aerokit D1 Spec. bodykit.



One of the most expected cars from the year is Ninocrack’s new Nissan. He won’t be racing in the S14a but he doesn’t left Nissan. This time it will be racing with an S15, which hides an 2JZ under the hood. At the moment I am designing the livery for this one, so I think you can expect something good when the car is 100% done.


Jesus Muñoz will be on the game too, with his red Toyota Chaser. This car is famous because it raced the King Of Europe several times. Its an easy car to recognise.


As for the other drivers… Well, Lluis Lopez and Fran Dengra are coming back to the green color, a color they used to had years ago. Cristian Martinez had it too! Also I have to say that Fran Dengra will be running on a V8 instead of a rotary engine. Fortunately my homie Fran Lluch will be racing with his Nissan S13, designed by Vicent M. Autoworks too!


This years pretends to be a nice one, we will start in the Circuit of Ricardo Tormo with the Nascar Fest, so I expect a very good weekend.


I am sure there are other secrets to tell, but I don’t know them because nobody told much about their machines!

Photo Source: Hector Aleman Photo, Cecilia Junquero for CED, Gallo Sport, Breaking, Raul Alonso, Ninocrack and some others ~