Race in…S15

Another amateur race, this time onboard in a Nissan Silvia S15. At Maze Circuit, sure you remember it from some battle of Best Motoring in the past years when it had glory. This is an old video so quality is not very good, but anyway those videos are for enjoying driving and JDM cars battling.

Notice how the AE86 sounds!

Drift Muscle Rd3 Maze

Drift Muscle Rd3 was celebrated on 3rd June at Nihonkai Maze Circuit.


There are 2 categories: Muscle class & Ladies class. Apart of these classes there is a race called Muscle challenge.

Muscle Challenge is for everyone who wants to participate in the race but doesn’t have his car modified, doesn’t have his driving suits or doesn’t have a Muscle Licence and so on.

This time 29 drifters participated in the Muscle class and 6 drifters in the Ladies class.

The result of the Muscle class is following.

1. Masato Kawabata  (No.19   180sx ”Crow” Bird)

2. Takahiro Imamura (No.12   MADFACE  FD)

3. Yukiharu Komagata (No.18   GP Sports 180sx)

4. Naoki Nakamura (Burst s15)

The result of the Ladies class is following.

1. Saori Ishikawa (D-MAX  ”Green Apple”)

2. Nobue Nakamura (Nakamura-ya   s14)

3. Miki Endo (D-MAX  ”RYO Silvia)

4. Shino Murai (Silvia & Amaze& 4Heads)