Photos of Nara-shi, Kansai.

When you get to the ancient city of Nara-shi, things are different from the Japanese megacities like Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. Here everything runs more quietly, without so much hurry or stress. Time here moves slowly, and is very easy to catch the antique spirit of the city.

Once you arrive at the train station of Nara (Nara Station) you realize that Nara is a unique city in the Kansai region, and in its train station, run by the JR Company as almost all of the Kansai area, things happen much more slowly. There are no people running everywhere, no queues to get train tickets at the electronic ticket expenders.


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Nara Street Meeting -Hari Terrace- Part 2

Finally I had sometime for spending free in the blog. There was still in the to do list to post the second part of the Nara Street Car Meeting. Here there are a series of around 30 photos. I also have to say that unfortunately I couldn’t took pictures of all the noticeable cars on during the night as Hari Terrace HRS counted more than 500 cars in the meeting. So this is just a sample of what can you spot in the Kansai area.

_MG_3168 copia

As the main intention of the meeting was to mix all car styles. The were some real JDM tuners that showed up for fun night as this DC2.

_MG_3162 copia

_MG_3158 copia

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Nara Street Meeting -Hari Terrace- Part 1

The past Saturday I decided to head road to Nara to reach the Hari Inter parking which is located around 20 kilometers away of the city full of temples and bamboo’s. The trip from Kyoto takes around one hour and a half so I couldn’t miss the chance.

When I reached the place I was very surprised, the parking was full, full of awesome cars of all kind of styles. Maybe the most popular now is the USDM but is very common to spot real JDM cars and classics at any meeting. And as read in the Hari TRS webpage there were a total amount of 510 cars from 9pm to 1am approximately.

I couldn’t even be able to take pictures of all the cars that called my attention during the night but will make a couple of post to post as many photos as I will be able to do.

Here to start.

_MG_3116 copia

_MG_3117 copia

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A walk in Nara

I did small visit to Nara last week. The porpoise was not to take pictures of the City but at the time I was there I decided to take some photos in my way to a secret place.

Don’t worry it will be revealed soon and I hope you will be surprised. Here is just a random collection of photos.

_MG_1638 copia

_MG_1641 copia

_MG_1649 copia

_MG_1647 copia

_MG_1645 copia

_MG_1644 copia

_MG_1637 copia

_MG_1636 copia

_MG_1625 copia

_MG_1620 copia

_MG_1623 copia

_MG_1626 copia

_MG_1628 copia

_MG_1634 copia

_MG_1632 copia

_MG_1631 copia

_MG_1629 copia

_MG_1633 copia

_MG_1621 copia

_MG_1618 copia

_MG_1617 copia

_MG_1612 copia

_MG_1611 copia

_MG_1610 copia

_MG_1609 copia

_MG_1608 copia

_MG_1607 copia

_MG_1606 copia

_MG_1605 copia

_MG_1604 copia

_MG_1438 copia

_MG_1437 copia

IMG_1435 copia

IMG_1434 copia

IMG_1433 copia

IMG_1432 copia

IMG_1431 copia

IMG_1430 copia

_MG_1427 copia

What a mix of topics in this post, from house, to streets to cars. Well I promise a little more control next time. The truth is that studying takes me to much time for editing photos and organize post, so I prefer to post them for you to watch them instead than spend to much time making it look better.

Nara is best known for the great quantity of Temples but here there is only a couple of pics of them, mostly are only random photos.

Any drinks ?

One of the things that you may remember when thinking in Japan are probably the vending machines.


Vending machines are everywhere. They’re in subway stations, parking lots, buildings, civic centers, and especially on the streets. There are hundreds of them selling all kind of stuff. Hot or cold drinks, water, coke, tea, beers …

The variety of drinks you can taste is unimaginable, but I decided to take some pictures of some drinks you can find walking cities. Also noticeable is the possibility to buy tobacco in the streets if you have special card to ID yourself.

Here is just an small sample of drinks.

DSC_0889 copia

IMG_6216 copia

IMG_6194 copia

IMG_5983 copia

DSC_0844 copia

IMG_5895 copia

DSC_0836 copia

IMG_5896 copia

IMG_5638 copia

IMG_5475 copia

IMG_5451 copia

IMG_5450 copia

DSC_0842 copia

IMG_5323 copia

IMG_5252 copia

IMG_5138 copia

IMG_5137 copia

IMG_5092 copia

IMG_4919 copia

IMG_4793 copia

DSC_0885 copia

IMG_4621 copia

IMG_4003 copia