Drift Muscle Rd1 (18/03/2012, Meihan)

Drift Muscle Round 1 was celebrated on the 18th of March in Meihan Sportsland.

This is the practice in the morning.

The champion is Naoki Nakamura san!!


MSC Challenge Championship

The 2011 championship should have celebrated today, but because of the snowfallit was postponed to the third of March. MSC Challenge (=M chale) started in 2006.

Now it has 4 categories: beginner class, expert class, Super class and Triple class.
Triple class means that participants drive in a group of three.

Among the beginner, expert and super class, only in the final competición of the super class there is a tsuisou (twin) battle. The drifters who participate in the super class have high level of drift techniques. The champion at the super class was Naoki Nakamura.

Here is Tsuisou battle. The drivers are Naoki Nakamura and Tomoya Suzuki. Enjoy it. ^^