Toyota Crown Wagon S80

It is true that after a long time without writing the blog, writing interesting topics is not easy at all. More certain is that the content search today is much more easy that never was before, today everything is available to the user with minimal searching through the deservedly popular Google.

For me telling the truth, today is no longer as it was yesterday, I no longer live in that wonderful place called Japan. Here in Spain things do not have the same interest for me personally but certainly not much less in content of interest when about the r32taka refers.

It does not mean what I just mentioned, I do have thousands of photos, some of them arbitrary about anything related to Japan. Among them I found this Toyota Crown Wagon S80.

I remember having found it in the lakes around Mount Fuji during an excursion to watch closely the volcano. I think it was the last day of stay around Mount Fuji when being in the parking lot drinking coffee I spot this Toyota Crown.

crown wagon beach 1

The Crown has essentially the American spirit of the wagon of seventies American Wagons, not only by the yellow inspired by Mooneyes but also for the wheels and tyres. It has not even reduced the ground clearance.

crown wagon beach

The double rear wiper is a very particular detail in this model, but certainly is still more, the rear registration plate holder saying clearly: think in yellow.

crwon wagon beach 2

Without a single JDM detail on this Crown, I think the owner managed to fully reflect his style and make it totally personal.

Sometimes when internet is full of similar cars with the same style, I think there must be a place where all car lovers have to appear. In this case I think this Crown deserves a place in the internet. The owner had a clear idea about his project, and has also managed to materialize it without a super economic cost. Cars are made to enjoy and customize them but not everyone has to follow the same patterns and this Toyota owner make a perfect example.

Hot Rod in Odaiba

Hey guys, here is a little preview for what’s coming. On May 19th (wow almost a month ago), I went to Odaiba’s famous Aomi parking lot to the 27th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals. This meet is mainly for hot rods and other types of cars that are not very usual in Japan. It was a good break from the usual drifting that you see here, so I will post a huge coverage of this event. Afterwards, we will take a blast from the past from Tokyo Auto Salon!

The gates were supposed to open at 9AM, but I arrived there at 8:30AM, so I went around the parking lot before I went to the main show, and found this! I really have no idea what car this exactly is, but enjoy nonetheless.

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