Max Orido Aristo was reawaked by Daichi Mochizuki.^^

Toyota Aristo which Max Orido used for D1GP 2009 (Racing Project Bandoh with NATS) was for sale.

Finally one of his friends Daichi Mochizuki decided to use that car for the MSC Challenge which will be celebrated on the 3rd of March in Fuji Speed Way. Daichi Mochizuki is famous among japanese drifters and in the world of the motor sports.

He satrted drift in 1995 and next year, in 1996 he became a champion in the expert class at MSC Challenge. In 1998 he was selected to drive in the Drift Show in Macao GP.

He participated in WRC japan and marked the time record in SS (Super Special) Stage.

He is good in both Drift race and Grip race like Max Orido and Nob Taniguchi.

He modified Aristo due to the norm of the MSC Challenge.

Current spec is Normal 2JZ, Cams, TO42, 600ps, Getrag 6 speed.

We’re looking forward to seeing his drift!!