JZX Spot in Fukakusainarionmae, Kyoto.

Fukakusainarionmae is the main street that leads you to one of the most popular temples in Kyoto. The well known Fushimi Inari temple.

It is a very narrow street surrounded by hundreds of every kind of small business. Food, art crafts, traditional japanese sweets, kimonos and whatever you have in mind. It is totally prohibited to park and the street is just one way heading the city centre. Continue reading “JZX Spot in Fukakusainarionmae, Kyoto.”

Drift Toyota Mark II JZX100


At the drift day in Chiba, a young man pulled into the parking lot with this amazing looking JZX100 Mark II. Unfortunately, he didn’t take it out to burn some tires, but the scenery around provided some great shots. I took photos of it from all possible angles so you can have a wide variety of desktops.

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