The Testarrosa

Probably you have seen a Testarrosa before, I have never did. This car is just the typical car you had when you were a kid in your room. You have played with it many times imitating its sound. A die cast model of a Ferrari Testarrosa is very common if your where young kid in the nineties.

But here is an special Koenig Ferrari Testarrosa on a very shiny BBS wheels, which in my opinion is a perfect combo for this awesome car.

I have never been a fan of Ferrari but Ferrari’s from the 80´s and early 90’s got that special feeling of real sports car. No space for the comfort here, just a supersport car ready to be used everyday.

_MG_0619 copia

_MG_0615 copia

_MG_0612 copia

_MG_0611 copia

_MG_0616 copia

_MG_0620 copia

_MG_0623 copia

_MG_0624 copia

The Mark II that wanted to be an Audi

Most of you well know that the Japanese car tuning is not only changing bumpers and adding some of the coolest stickers you have ever seen. You can find front end conversions, some of them are quite well finished and look better than factory designed, but some of them are very ugly and makes you think in the owners thoughts when doing this.

One day I was looking for more new things to show you, mostly from Doriten, so I found a cover of a DoriTen magazine number  that amazed me.


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