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Convertible Aristo

Surprise, surprise. This a Toyota Aristo turned into a Convertible Aristo, which is amazing. Not only because it looks very well finished, also because is so risky painted in orange and with these itasha details it look even more risky.

Glad to see how Japan do invent and reinvent everything to keep their supremacy in car creation and car modifications.


Of course this just the evolution of the VIP CARS turned them into brightly colors and super slammed plus cambered cars.


Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Part III

DSC_0203 1

Here is part 3 of the Auto Salon coverage from January! There will be one more part and then we will look at the parking lot

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D1GP Exhibition at TAS2013


Here are some photos from the D1GP exhibition from Tokyo Auto Salon back in January! Excuse the quality and the heads of people, it was extremely crowded and hard to get a good spot.

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Monster Event Parking Lot Part II

Hi, here is the last post on the Monster Energy Ken Block’s Tokyo Experience event coverage! It’s a second look at the parking lots.

DSC_0101 1

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