My ex-Silvia

Before came to England I was owner of a Nissan 200SX so called Silvia for JDM people. I bought it in December 2008, and was sold out before my move to London. I want to post some pics of her. I work very hard to get the car and to buy bits for her. But this time is gone and now I only have some reminds.

The specs were.

– 17″ BBS from EVO VIII
– K-sport Coilovers F10k R6k
– Blitz Spec S Boost Controller
– Greddy Turbo Timer
– Apexi Air Intake
– EBC brake pads
– Momo steering wheel
– Nismo shift Knob

I had parts that I never fit like HKS Hi-Silent Power exhaust, kakimoto test pipe…