Here we have a typical daily driven. Well, at least if you live in Japan and your company has its own subterranean parking.

What a cambo! The GTR wheels fits perfect in the Mark II. Thoughts?

Lowered to commuter mode. Height is just enough to drive into the parking.

Business class. People going here and there and in the meantime time of a shot.

Yes, sorry there is no drifting action here. Remember safe daily driven.

Mark II JZX110

The Mark II is a kind of uncommon car for those who live outside Japan. Only if you like JDM or drifting will appreciate why luxury and affordable sedans are so important for Toyota since seventies.

As a lover of sedans (not as much as FRSedan, they are what sedan means), I want to show some examples of Mark II wearing some different RAYS.

10.5J+22 SUPER-L FACE3

Pinso Tyres PS-91 235/35R19 91W

One thing I love when modying VIP Cars is the led interior. Well I like it neither VIP or not but specially when cars are 2002 on towards haha.

This owner really have fun fitting tyres and wheels. This combo worth a look.

More looks of this Verossa to check what fits better. Now with the RAYS BLACK FLEET V634.

F 19 9.5J+15
R 19 10J+20

I have no dubts of which is the best choice.

Toyota Verossa JZX110

YES, you are right! Or maybe you haven’t notice.  This Toyota Verossa isn’t filed under JDM because isn’t in Japan.

The Verossa is an “Italianated” model version of a Toyota Mark II, that in fact is a Verossa. This name is formed by combining two Italian words:  Vero (“true”) and Rosso (“red”).

In terms of auto dealers, this machine is the continuation of Cresta, the sister of our glorious car Mark II. But unlike the Cresta, which had a classical form, its successor Verossa dramatically changed appearance.
The rear plate is from Russia. I remember seen that plates in other Russian cars so I am sure.

The Verossa is uncommon outside Japan. And the fact is that the front end in a stock car is a little bit rare.


* 1JZ-GTE 
* Turbo BLITZ K1 450 hp
* Gearbox R154 - 5MT
* Clutch: Single disc Exedy ceramic
* Lightweight Flywheel TRD
* APEXi Power FC
* Speed limiter HKS SLD
* Ignition HKS TwinPower
* 525cc injectors BLiTZ
* Spark Plugs HKS 9
* D1 Spec oil catch can
* HKS Razminusovka
* Intercooler BLiTZ 100mm
* Three-layer COOLER BLiTZ
* Thermostat 68gr C-One
* TRD Radiator Cap
* Oil Cooler TRUST
* Oil Cover TRD
* HKS Exhaust Manifold
* Intake Manifold HKS
* HKS Nulevik
* BLoW Off Greddy TYPE RZ
* Downpipe MeisterR
* FUJiTSUBO Track Edition 80mm 
* TOMEi fuel pump
* Cusco Body Spacers front and rear 
* AVR-Cusco Back
* Chassis TRD
* Vertex Damper 
* LSD TRD 2 WAY - 04.01 


 * Vertex bodykit
 * Lattice Vertex
 * Spoiler Trunk Vertex
 * Cilia Vertex
 * GANADOR mirrors
 * Increased rear wheel arches
 * MeisterR Hood Carbon 
 * Spoiler rea
 * TRD Brakes 
 * Work emotion CR-Kai
 * F 8.5 OffSet +20
 * R 9.5 OffSet +12
 * F 235-40-18
 * R 265-35-18