Hot Rod in Odaiba

Hey guys, here is a little preview for what’s coming. On May 19th (wow almost a month ago), I went to Odaiba’s famous Aomi parking lot to the 27th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals. This meet is mainly for hot rods and other types of cars that are not very usual in Japan. It was a good break from the usual drifting that you see here, so I will post a huge coverage of this event. Afterwards, we will take a blast from the past from Tokyo Auto Salon!

The gates were supposed to open at 9AM, but I arrived there at 8:30AM, so I went around the parking lot before I went to the main show, and found this! I really have no idea what car this exactly is, but enjoy nonetheless.

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Route 66 Custom Cars

Are you a fan of America and its Muscle Cars?

Well, if the answer is yes, I’m sure you will like Route 66 Custom Cars.

But, what is Route 66?

Route 66 Custom Cars is a dealer and workshop related with Muscle Cars and american cars in general.

It is situated in Pedreguer, at 15 minutes from where I live. It is visible from the highway and always have good cars parked out, so you can enjoy some sweet muscle cars.

Every word I’m saying right now is useless without pictures, so here you have them.

This is Route 66, with some babies defending it.


And yeah, here are some pics of the cars they have or they have had


An awesome and powerful Camaro…


Oh… What a good pair, huh?


This is one of my favourites… A Ford Crown Vic from NY Police Department.



¿Clio V6? Yes, they also touch euro cars here.


An old 911, and Escalade and this Boxter, painted in Red Candy282884_373531886039967_1415876737_n


Another euro, an awesome 190SL in a very good condition


And this, I dedicate it for the fans of hot rod cars.

But, what does Route66?

Well, apart of selling and repairing cars, they also restore, or turn your car into a lowrider, they can install you an hydraulic system, or make a detailed interior as well as import cars from USA.

So remember, if you are near to Pedreguer, don’t forget to visit Route 66, I guarantee you will not regret.

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