Select ‘N Low Meeting ~ 23 March

Hey guys

My friend Hector and I went to the Bonaire Mall in Aldaia, to assist the SelectN Low meeting.

It was Sunday and the day was very good, sunny and good weather, so after washing the little Honda, we went to the meeting.


When we arrived there was a lot of people already and the cars meant the day was promising, so I took the camera and started taking pictures of the cars we had.





We didnt had much cars, but they were variated, we had from an Honda Jazz to an EM1 Turbo… And some slammed cars, like this Golf 3 or an E30.



Obviously we didnt miss the oldies but goldies, here you can see this awesomely fat Clio and one of my favourites of the day, an Honda Jazz, or City in Japan. I felt in love with this little boy.






This one came with an unexpected passenger!


Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed reading!

The rest of the pictures can be found at the Facebook page!

Special thanks to Hector Aleman ~

The Classic N360

I am real car lover. I appreciate all cars, or at least almost all them. Sure I have a bunch of exceptions but I learnt that being a car lover is not just to love the R34 GTR.

The Honda N360 is a piece of Honda history and I had the opportunity to spot one. I don’t if restored or just very well conserved but anyway I was shocked how Honda created such a quality cars in the lately 60’s. This car is powered by 354 cc, 31 hp (23 kW) two-cylinder engine, which was borrowed from the Honda CB450 motorcycle.

By that time Honda was very recently introduced in car industry but that car is still one of the best Honda cars in its history.

_MG_1266 copia

_MG_1268 copia

_MG_1264 copia

_MG_1271 copia

Spotting as a hobby

IMG_0392 copia

IMG_0391 copia


Someone’s dream come true. BNR34 sitting in a cool night.

_MG_0342 copia 

_MG_0335 copia

_MG_0333 copia

I went to the mountain on friday night to try to see some action. Unfortunately it was so cool and I didn’t saw much. That Supra and the Starlet worth the visit.

_MG_0271 copia

If you have played the Gran Turismo series you sure remember the Daihatsu Midget.

_MG_0298 copia

Yes this is still a Levin, even if people don’t care much about them, they are well known because its powerful N/A engine.

_MG_0248 copia

_MG_0247 copia

The GTR 33 is a very rare spot. Is very easy to spot a 4 door R33, mostly automatics.

_MG_0235 copia

Some luxury in the city centre. Soarer.

_MG_0224 copia

The most popular van, and most tuned van in the country. The Toyota Hiace is so cool.

_MG_0199 copia

Probably the best FWD in the Market in the past years. FD2 was the last great creation of Honda.

_MG_0170 copia

Ver. III Impreza STI

_MG_0163 copia

Probably the most popular sport car in Japan right now, here there are thousands of BRZ’s and GT86.

_MG_0120 copia

_MG_0123 copia

Autech R32 4 door, this car has the famous RB26DE, those cars are very rare those days, mainly because this engine is one of the best modifications for your classic car. Fairlady’s or Hakosuka has a good donor.

_MG_0090 copia

You already know that tuning on truck is very popular in Japan, here is just another example. Chrome parts everywhere and light everywhere is the best way to dress your truck.

_MG_0089 copia

That Fairlady that wanted to be an Aston Martin.

_MG_0071 copia

_MG_0049 copia

Probably best Honda ever: NSX

Last week I cannot remember exactly when I was watching in youtube a video of a couple of guys talking about the NSX.

They were commenting if the NSX is overrated, if not an in fact is a masterpiece and bla bla bla. Also talking about if it is the time to get an NSX before the price get high (more?) or if this is too risky and probably after the release of the new NSX next year, first generation Honda NSX will drop its price.

Well I do not care much but NSX prices because it so expensive for my pocket but I really like to find one again and expending some time around this car made me think about if is masterpiece or not.

I think there is no doubt, remember this car is a 91 model so when something is still cool, still can perform very well and people is still interested in it and still surprised and impressed then I think is because such car has some special feeling that in that case the mentioned NSX.

Here are photos of the Spot.






Abandoned places, abandoned cars.

What a pity, is like an irony of life isn’t? Normally you want a determined model of car to own. But depending where are you living some cars are not so loved for some or other reason.

Well the Honda Beat is that kind of Kei Car that you always from Gran Turismo series and has love from JDM enthusiast all around the world. Even here Beat is more or less expensive car to buy but sometimes they are also forgotten in a parking lot.

_MG_0858 copia

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