Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Part IV


Here is the final part from inside the Makuhari halls from Tokyo Auto Salon. The last post will be the parking lot and then we will be moving on to something different

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We know already that HKS is going to participate in D1GP with Toyota new 86 again this year.
The news was anounced at Tokyo Autosalon.

Of course the pilot is Nobuteru Taniguchi!!!
He is my favorite driver.  Because I saw his drift, I fell in love with drift.. ♥
I’ve been waiting his come-back for so long..

Now HKS is preparing the 86 for D1GP. ^^
We’ll see how they prepare the car..!!

This year D1GP is really interesting ♪♪

They are here

With the new Prius pulling hard in the VIP scene and most important with the new Honda CR-Z. Hybrid powered cars has reached a new level of popularity. Hybrid cars are the closest future and most of the most important tuners are working in them.

Honda CR-Z is the first 3 door and almost coupe, I said coupe because I am not to sure about it, maybe is hatch car, anyway is new Honda car for young buyers presented as an hybrid. And the car looks very nice with some remains to the old CRX.

There is no Civic 8th hatch in US and in Europe has not big followers. Then the new CR-Z can get a big gap in the market. How japanse users work with the car and how they accept the car will be the key for the success of the model.

Most of the big manufacturers got his CR-Z ready with many accesories. Lamentably not to many of them are to increase the power and 122bhp looks poor for our days.

Anyway here there are good examples, my favorite is the Spoon one. The combo white and blue is awesome.

HKS + Lancer Evo X = la evolución del rendimiento

HKS parece que quiere romper con todos los registros hasta la fecha con sus nuevas piezas de alto rendimiento para vehiculos de produccion. Para ello cuenta con su nuevo HKS CT230R preparado para Time attack, Este EVO preparado por HKS es de los más rápidos que han pisado el asfalto, la grava o el barro. De hecho acaba de batir recientemente el récord de Tsukuba, siendo el vehiculo de produccion más rápido hasta la fecha, los preparadores van a tener que empezar a ponerse las pilas.

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