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Outside Fujimura Auto: Rocket Dancer

_MG_1764 copia

I feel so happy when I just walk thought out the city and I discover new performance workshops. This is Fujimura Auto located at west Kyoto.

_MG_1763 copia

_MG_1765 copia


These two cars are mainly their showcars the R35 reach 650 HP and the Turbo Fairlady Z around 450 HP. Not bad for a couple of reliable daily driven cars.

_MG_1766 copia

_MG_1767 copia

_MG_1769 copia

_MG_1770 copia

This shop is really very popular here in the city. Many Skyline had the sticker you see in that GTR. Maido-Ookini are both two words of the Kansai dialect of Japanese.

Maido meaning hello, and Ookini means thank you.

_MG_1771 copia

_MG_1772 copia

_MG_1773 copia