Race in… ER34

I am starting loving these amateur videos of racing. Specially when not using top range versions of models. Here is an R34 GT-T pursuing a BCNR33.

Nismo kitted R34


The ER34 is always a controversy car. Is not a GTR. People didn’t care much about HCR32 or ECR33, the GTS Turbo versions of the R32 and R33 Skyline. Some also respect them. But sometimes when talking about the ER34 you have to read some stupid comment in webs and forums, such as…you could not afford a real GTR and bla bla bla.

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4 doors for…

_MG_8934 copia

When you start loving japanese cars, you never start loving four doors cars. Well maybe you do because you are younger and now 4 door cars are very popular.

But back in the days in early 2000, coupe version rock all the way, today I am becoming a 4 door lover. Here is a real proof of what I am looking for my next car, or at least I am convincing me about that xD. My love for the R32 is still to recent, let’s see.

IMG_8951 copia

IMG_8946 copia

_MG_8945 copia

_MG_8941 copia

_MG_8937 copia

_MG_8935 copia