Just Another Drift Night


It was another chilly January night in Tokyo, but that doesn’t stop these guys from going out and shredding some tires. After a full day of sports, no rest, and a half hour nap, at midnight, I met up with my friend whose Cresta you should all know very well by now.


The trip took us from where we live in downtown Tokyo, to Shinagawa, to meet up with some other people. DSC_0068

The owner of this S15 is the same person whose dark green Chaser I shot back in the summer at the JZX meet in Daikoku-futo. DSC_0073

The Silvia is one of the cleanest S15’s I have seen, and the sound it made was incredible.DSC_0076

The little gas station provided quite a nice place for a mini photoshoot.DSC_0079

This is probably my favorite angle of the car.DSC_0081

The Cresta looks very mean from the back as well.DSC_0082  DSC_0091

Eventually, we made it to a Family Mart on Ougi-shima. Lots of photos circulate the internet today with street drifting through the narrow trucking streets. DSC_0092

However, the area was being patrolled by the port security, and we decided it would be better to leave, right after doing a few slides, so the trip wasn’t an absolute waste.DSC_0105

Another one of our friends showed up in this GP Sports kitted S15.DSC_0125

We made our way to Daikoku, however due to a huge crowd and some police action, taking photos was quite impossible on the night, so after the police drove us out, we all took refuge in front of another convenience store, to warm up our freezing hands with some warm beverages. DSC_0127 DSC_0128 DSC_0129 DSC_0135

This man was shredding it up like mad at Daikoku, putting in very impressive runs.DSC_0140 DSC_0143 DSC_0147Drifting is all about fun (unlike some movies tend to show), and in the end, having photos like this one to prove it makes me very happy.

See you in the next post!

Marko Jeremic

Un fin de semana para recordar

A primeras os voy a decir que voy a contaros una historieta, bueno, una crónica, pero no del evento, sino de todo lo acontecido durante el fin de semana.

IMG_7470 copia

Deciros que han sido casi 1400 kilometros los que he recorrido, ida y vuelta, y todo lo que he visitado.


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II Round CED en Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana

Que pasa chicos! Hace mucho tiempo que no escribo…

He estado muy atareado con los examenes y preparandome para el verano, pense que el mejor post que me podia currar despues de mi inactividad seria mi propia cronica sobre el II Round del CED que tuvo lugar en el Circuito de la Comunidad Valenciana (Cheste) durante los dias 15 y 16 de Junio.


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This car, is one of the first Nissan Silvias imported into Quebec. It’s a Nissan Silvia S13 1989. The owner now had it for 5 years. It’s been his summer car and drift car. Normally, drift cars are all destroyed and have the “drifting style” with zip-ties and destroyed corner panels and are most of the time in a garage because theirs something wrong with it.

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Japanese heroes

When we talk about motorsport refering to Japan, we only think in JDM styled cars and drifting cars, but there are more things involved.

Japan have an extensive catalog of exclusive american/european and obviously japanese cars. An example, a MB E60 (W124), they are so unique, and the only ones i’ve seen are in Japan, surely there are some units around the world, but why so many in one place?

In the world of the drifting, the japanese cars we know the most are the Nissan Skyline (rwd version, GTS) Silvias, Fairladys… Toyota Supra, Chaser and its sedans… Mazda RX7 and Miatas and some more… Hondas… Well, they arent for drift because they are mostly FWD, but yeah, we also can see an S2000 or an NSX rolling on the track.

But, had these cars any function in the motorsport before the drifting was unveiled by Keichii Tsuchiya?

Yes, the answer is yes. These cars ran in official championships, like the Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC), Lemans, etc, also rallyes! Of course they joined trackdays and other motorsport events.
Im sure some of you remember these cars by playing Gran Turismo, but I preferred to make a compilation so we can revive the old era, the golden age of cars, and have a bit of japanese motorsport culture and its cars (a bit more heheh)

Okay, less words, more pictures.


1yvj3s 2PLjs 17Skyline_WSIR 160J_RT0879 240RS 31444d1220049446-auto-skyline-unisia-jecs-tamiya-unisia 527000_188683087932434_515638332_n 531455_10151098468480804_1808022328_n 19920003 20120522_1027615 3255120269_821f3a6ff0 3255120417_eab0eb4a55 8411548967_a70b7d43f7_z BrockMonise5 CALSONIC-SKYLINE-01-trim1 daishin Dewji07EASR179 dgfdsfgdfkz2 gt500_unisiajecsskyline_97 images LeMans_1975_Nr_87_Start nismo_festival_super_gt-1 pr31 R31TOMICA1 racer28 tomica-r31-skyline-20120625 tomica-r31-skyline-20130116 tomica-skyline-dr30-super-silhouette-4 tumblr_m3fapvFrKE1rpqn0wo2_500 tumblr_m3fruvmKEp1rvoixgo1_500 tumblr_m087fjLKCQ1r5q6mjo1_1280 tumblr_macxkuFlsz1r20mtvo1_1280 tumblr_mf8x90F9191rpqn0wo1_500 tumblr_mhgqbn1tg41rdgwvro1_500 tumblr_miblmou4Su1qbiffho1_500 url urlfffff


0-0-36a 95_01_15bD_0 300px-K700i-acat(111) 451b2fe2c798ff6bb8920c28d92ded9ao 1997toyota 1998chaser01 1998chaser03 1998exiv_01 1998exiv_02 1998exiv_chaser 24076m 5351714553_78fb375948_z 5351725689_508eb7c6be_z 31018286979 AE86_2290042b autowp.ru_toyota_supra_gt500_super_gt_3 fujitsu01 fujitsu02 fujitsu04 imsa-gtu-celica-and-nascar-goodys-dash-celica JTCC-iii n2ae86 r4O0S Tom89A-L Tom90A-L ToyotaChaserDensoJTCC ToyotaChaserJTCC Toyota-Tom-s-Supra-GT500_2 tumblr_m1yyh9ms2J1rsmp6do1_1280 tumblr_m2fvnwqWUB1qhluvzo1_1280 tumblr_mb4dnlYbeG1rpqn0wo2_1280 tumblr_mgigz0DR7x1rsmp6do1_1280 url



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Filmed By Kevin Brasting
Directed & Edited By Kenny Ruddell
Photography By Matt Markby, James Southorn, James Cheng