Scale Models at the Toyota Historical Garage

Inside the Toyota Historical Garage there are some other ways to spend than only admire classic cars from all eras. You can also admire scale models, from 1:43 to 1:8. There many, several, thousands of them.

IMG_2534 copia

IMG_2536 copia

IMG_2538 copia

IMG_2541 copia

_MG_2588 copia

_MG_2582 copia

_MG_2583 copia

The are european cars, american cars and an spectacular collection of japanese models. Here is just a bunch of examples, I really just prefer that you go and visit and try to spend a couple of hours visiting and taking your time.

_MG_2584 copia

_MG_2590 copia

_MG_2589 copia

I specially liked this one. Trampio livery for the AE86.

_MG_2591 copia

_MG_2592 copia

_MG_2601 copia