Ken Block’s Tokyo Experience D1SL Demo

Here are all the photos from the Monster Energy Ken Block’s Tokyo Experience D1SL demo in Odaiba!DSC_0059

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D1LL (Ladies League) Rd2 at Ebisu 2012

D1LL was celebrated this weekend at Ebisu South course at the same place and on the same day as D1SL.

Sumika Kubokawa won the championship.

The result was as following;

1. Sumika Kubokawa

2. Saori Ishikawa

3. Rie Shinmi

4. Yasue Michiko

5. Yukie Hayashi

6. Shizuka Suzuki

7. Rie Morooka

The level of the League is very high.
Here is a video of the final re-run. Sumika’s car is yellow 180sx.

Sumika Final run

D1SL Rd.2 Minami

D1Street Legal Rd2 was celebrated this weekend at Ebisu, Minami course.  Here is its Final Result
Singl run
1.Yokoi 2.Kitaoka 3 Kubokawa 4.Mizuno 5.Murakami 6.Gray 7. Matsui 8.Kohashi 9.Teramachi 10.Tanaka 11.Hayashi 12.Ito 13.Ono 14.Yakushiji 15.Kuroi 16.Nakatani 17.Kuguchi 18.Mizuno 19.Kikuchi 20.Pickering

Twin run
1.Y.Kitaoka 2. M.Yokoi 3. T.Mizuno 4. K.Hayashi 5. M.Murakami 6. K.Teramachi, S.Tanaka, 8.M.Yakushiji 9. S.Kubokawa 10. A.Gray 11. Y.Matsui 12. M.Kohashi 13. M.Ito 14. T.Ono 15. T.Kuroi 16. S.Nakatani

Congratulations! Kitaoka san!!

D1SL (Inter) & D1LL Rd1 (Okayama Bihoku)

D1SL (Street Legal) and D1LL (Ladies’ League) started last weekend.
D1SL and D1LL are different from D1GP in their car regulations.  The cars for D1SL are tuned but should be legally fine in the public street.  Many well-known and good drifters participate in SL, and the level of the league is very high.
There are 3 series in Street Legal: Inter, West Japan and East Japan.  Actually Inter Series is the main league.

There are 2 leagues more in D1; Ladies League and Divisional Leagues.  The top drifters in the Ladies League like Sumika Kubokawa, Rie Shinmi, Michie Mimoto and Michiko Yasue participate in Street Leagal as well. Their level is also very high and the competition is very interesting.  The league is celebrated in the same circuit and on the same day as the Inter Series of the Street Leagal.   So we can enjoy both leagues at the same time.

The are 6 Divisional Leagues, which are gateways to participate in Street Leagal.  There is a lesson to get the licence to participate in the Divisional Leagues just before the competition in the same circuit, so everyone who wants to try to participate in can get a chance.

The result of the Street Legal Inter Series Rd1. (Okayama Bihoku)

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Ebisu Drift Matsuri & Drift Heaven ♥

Three times a year many drift mates abroad come to Ebisu Circuit in Japan to drift toghether.

These periods are called “Drift Heaven”.  And during these periods Team Orange and Powervehicles hold “Drift Matsuri (festival)” which contains a drift race called “Gaikokujin Grand Prix (G1GP)”, and a 36 hour drift festival and a BBQs party.

This video is from last year.  You’ll find several good videos in the ”Team Orange News Letter” page on facebook.

The schedule of this year is following.. (I’ll show you the schedule of D1GP as well.)

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