Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Part IV


Here is the final part from inside the Makuhari halls from Tokyo Auto Salon. The last post will be the parking lot and then we will be moving on to something different

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Good-bye, Sumika’s 180sx!

This is the 180sx of Sumika Kubokawa, Drift Queen of D1Ladies League, called Kiiro san.

During three years, she’s used this car, and now she’s going to change to another.  This car was with her while she joined the Team Orange, when she gained the licence for the Street Leagal, when she won the first Ladies League, and etc..  Sumika has lots of good and important memories with this car.  Of course for us as well.  It’s a pitty but she’s going to show us good drift with her new car and share nice time with us.. Good bye, Kiiro san!  Thank you for your good job♥

This picture was from 3 years ago..^^

Kazama Auto D1 S15 for sale



Built 2010 for 2011 Season

Driver Kazuhiro Tanaka

The price  ‎3,900,000 JPY FOB plus around 800$ Shipping plus your usual taxes.

Full Aero and Fenders – Kazama Auto Promode
FRP Doors
Acrylic Glass
Aftermarket Cams
Trust T78 Kit
SARD Fuel Rail
GReddy Intake
Q45 Throttle
HPI Intercooler / Oil Cooler / Rad
All Adjustable Sus
DG5 Sus
Rays 18” Alloys
Good Year RS Sports
Bride Seats
D1 Spec Cage with Side Bars
Endless Calipers
Aftermarket Clutch
Aftermarket LSD
JZX110 Mission (5 Speed)