D1GP Rd2 Suzuka. Final Result

The champion is Kuniaki Takahashi!!

1.  K. Takahashi

2. D. Saito

3. N. Kumakubo

4. T. Ueno

5. N. Taniguchi

6. M. Orido

7. T. Iwai

8. M. Fujinaka

9. K. Takayama

10. T. Hibino

11. K. Bai

12. T. Tezuka

13. M. Suenaga

14. T. Kataoka

15. S. Tanaka

16. K. Nomura



D1GP Rd2 Suzuka Qualifying

Since 2006 D1GP has been celebrated at Suzuka Circuit. (except 2009 & 2010)


Until now the drivers started from the home straight and ran in the reverse direction and competed in the S-shaped curve, but this year for the first time they run toward the first curve and the secound curve.

The home straight is very long, so the drivers enter the first curve at more than 200km/h and the first courner is quite narrow, so the control of the speed must be very important

There are 16 drivers as Seed drivers. They compete only in the final match.
There are 25 participants for the qualifying match and among them 8 drivers can run in the final match.

The seed 16 drivers are following:

1. D. Saito
2. Y. Koguchi
3. M. Suenaga
4. K. Matsukawa
5. T. Sakuma
6. N. Kumakubo
7. T. Ueno
8. S. Tanaka
9. Y. Matsui
10. K. Takahashi
11. Y. Imamura
12. T. Tezuka
13. N. Taniguchi
14. T. Iwai
15. K. Nomura
16. K. Takayama

The result of the Qualifying match:

1. K. Bai
2. T. Hibino
3. Y. Tadokoro
4. T. Kataoka
5. M. Fujinaka
6. D. Hasegawa
7. T. Murayama
8. M. Orido
9. Hirota
10. Sagisaka
11. Tokita
12. Fujikawa
13. Kitashiba
14. Minowa
15. Kawabata
16. Utsumi
17. Suenaga
18. Ukita
19. Murata
20. Itakura
21. Kawakami
22. Inaoka
23. Tanaka
24. Ota
25. Imamura

Tomorrow first of all there is solo run among the 24 drivers. The 16 drivers can go to the twin run. Among the lower 8 drivers they compete the twin run, which is called Miner twin run. And afterwords among the 16 drivers they compete for the champion.

I know if we were there, we’ll be able to enjoy seeing the severe and exciting drift there all day long. As we’re not there unfortunately, we’ll see how it is by the video and the pictures later on.. ^^

I’ll show you severl pictures from these days.

D1GP 2012 Pilotos extranjeros^^

El día 14 se celebró la D1GP Rd1 en Odaiba.

Esta vez 51 pilotos van a participar, y entre ellos 9 pilotos son extranjeros.  Este numero es mayor que otros años.

Federico Sceriffo (Italia) DK17 with Team Orange

Mad Mike (NZL)  Red Bull with Magic

OAT (Thailandia)  Overdrive M150-Storm Singham

NOM (Thailandia)  Overdrive M150-Storm Singham

Arh Two (Taiwan)  Nichiei Racing Project

Jake Jones (Australia)  Team Orange

Wade Van Zummeren (So Africa)  Black Vehicle Tranking/ Border Towing

Kim Sang Jin (South Korea)  RD.TECH with Mobibugs

James Tang (Hong Kong)

Federico de Italia ya participa varios años como un miembro de Team Orange.

Este año Mad Mike va a participar con su FD.

Hay otro piloto de Australia va a participar como uno de Team Orange, Jake Jones.

Los otros pilotos son de Thailandia, Taiwan, Korea, South Africa, y Hong Kong.

No tengo información sobre los requisitos que tiene que llegar a tener un piloto extranjero para participar en D1.

Pero estos paises son donde suele visitar Team Orange.

El ganador de la competición de drift en Paris, Luis Lopez también recibió un permiso para participar en D1.

El ganador de la competición, G1GP, Christian Pickering recibió un permiso para participar en Street Legal.

D1GP in the world

Ebisu Drift Matsuri & Drift Heaven ♥

Three times a year many drift mates abroad come to Ebisu Circuit in Japan to drift toghether.

These periods are called “Drift Heaven”.  And during these periods Team Orange and Powervehicles hold “Drift Matsuri (festival)” which contains a drift race called “Gaikokujin Grand Prix (G1GP)”, and a 36 hour drift festival and a BBQs party.

This video is from last year.  You’ll find several good videos in the ”Team Orange News Letter” page on facebook.

The schedule of this year is following.. (I’ll show you the schedule of D1GP as well.)

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