2012 Honda CR-Z Mugen

honda-cr-z-mugen-engine-920x575 honda-CR-Z-mugen-front-end honda-CR-Z-mugen-front-three-quarter honda-CR-Z-mugen-front-three-quarters honda-cr-z-mugen-tuning-garage-920x575 honda-CR-Z-mugen-cockpit-2

2012 Honda CR-Z Mugen Specifications:

– 2012 Honda CR-Z Mugen

-Engine : 1.5-liter/200hp (total)/158lb-ft (total)/supercharged four-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC, plus 14hp/57lb-ft front electric motor

-Transmission : Six-speed manual

The solution adopted by Honda UK to supercharged the well known CR-Z has become true, as Honda announced that will become true as CRZ Mugen RZ. In fact the specifications will vary from the original idea of the first creation of Mugen.

That means that we now know that the first creation of Mugen was a kind of advance of what will become reality.