Drift Toyota Mark II JZX100


At the drift day in Chiba, a young man pulled into the parking lot with this amazing looking JZX100 Mark II. Unfortunately, he didn’t take it out to burn some tires, but the scenery around provided some great shots. I took photos of it from all possible angles so you can have a wide variety of desktops.

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Spotted in 金谷 (Kanaya)

Kanaya is located in the Chiba prefecture. It is a small town by the beach. Mostly are old fisher men, a couple of うどん (udon) restaurants and the sporadic traffic by road.

I am remembering a lot of that town and I am really thinking to write a post about this peaceful town. But today there is no time for tourism or roundtrips this will some other day. I will happy if you take some time to appreciate this Hilux and dedicate today’s post to the owner of the Hilux you can see below. Internet is so big but I know sometimes can be so small and who knows if the owner is a regular reader.

IMG_6390 copia

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