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Used, really used

IMG_8955 copia

Great to find a really used Chaser just parked in the street. This only happens here in the paradise of JDM cars. Well, sure this also happens in other countries but when cars have japanese plates on them, then these cars looks better.

IMG_8956 copia

But maybe is not only because the plates, maybe is also due to the complete scenario and background.

IMG_8957 copia

IMG_8958 copia

IMG_8959 copia

IMG_8960 copia

IMG_8961 copia

JZX Meet at Daikoku Part IV


A little late with the final part of the JZX Meet! My apologies, I was a little busy. I am now unfortunately back in Canada so coverage of these awesome events will have to wait until December again until I am back in Japan. I hope you enjoy this final part and see you again soon!

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JZX Meet at Daikoku Part I


Hey everyone, I am back! This past Thursday night, my friend with the metallic brown Cresta told me that there was going to be a JZX meet in Daikoku Futo, and there was no way I was going to miss it!

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Some More Cresta Photos


Hello guys, to move away from Tokyo Auto Salon posts now for a bit, here are some more photos of my friend’s Toyota Cresta JZX100. This night, we were getting ready to go to the infamous Daikoku Futo to do some street drifting.

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