El otro show de DriftSpain: Paterna

En Paterna no sólo hubo drifting, tambien pudimos contemplar una exhibición de stunt con dos pilotos, así como una muy entretenida sección de BMX puesto que les montaron un mini mini skate park.

001 copia

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Mi experiencia en la primera prueba de DRIFTSpain Championship

Como muchos sabeis, el fin de semana pasado se realizo en la Escuela de Conductores AVAE el primer round del campeonado DRIFTSpain.

Lo llevaba planeado desde hace mas de un mes, y tenia muchas ganas.
Las cosas en tema de economia no estaban boyantes, por lo que me fui con el dinero justo, teniendo que ingeniarmelas para por ejemplo dormir, ya que solo me lleve el saco de dormir. (more…)

Stock wheels, do they fit in tuned cars?

The answer is obviously yes. While I’ m looking for the ultimate japanese trends, and many of their spectacular cars, I realized that they also tune some cars in a kind of old school-ish style, that makes’em look awesome. I also realized that they use stock rims on tuned cars in many times.


I do not really know. I just know they look gorgeous on some cars. I’m talking about the rims that came factory equipped in the GT-R (R33), yeah! You are Right! The 5 double spokes. I take the freedom to upload some pics for you to see different combos.

I am sure you know which wheels I am talking about but just in case  you don’t know the wheels are these:

r33potatos (8)

Less read, more photos.

r33potatos (2)

r33potatos (3)

r33potatos (7)

r33potatos (6)

OMG!!! Yoshinori Koguchi! (^O^)

r33potatos (9)

This S14 looks gorgeous, I always loved it.

r33potatos (11)

r33tomatoes (3)

The R33 GTR wheels can fit perfectly on BMWs, Toyotas, Nissans, Subarus and Mazdas!

r33potatos (12)

r33potatos (5)

r33potatos (4)

r33potatos (1)

r33tomatoes (1)

r33tomatoes (2)

Here is a pic of one of my favourite Silvias ever

r33tomatoes (4)

I hope you liked it.


Source: r33wheels and other websites

BMW goodness from Indonesia

8454083322_5c7e280223_b 8452994659_97b25862cd_b 8454088834_b71c872694_b 8452988975_eb8028a559_b 8447216966_a03ba85bf2_b

Very impressive always the cars we found in Indonesia, the got the taste for well finish cars, and as we see here not only for Japanese cars, here is an example of a result of just small touches to get a superb looking BMW E36.

1998 BMW E36 318iC

Specs: – BBS Nardi custom specs 17×9,5 22 offset, 17×10,5 10 offset – 205/40 & 215/40 – Mtech full bodykit – Nardi classic wood steering wheel – etc