Hey guys!

How is going on readers? Well, last weekend we went  to the OSD Round in Castellolí ParcMotor.  José,  Alex; propietor of ATJ Motor, and me. The day was really good, we had the opportunity to see some very awesome cars. Mostly tuned cars, and most of them were japanese cars as we do like.

But, yes, tuned cars are very cool, but you forget that tuned cars are stock cars, so looking in the parking lot I found a very interesting car, of course it wasnt tuned.

The car I’m talking about its a ’95 Nissan 200SX, painted in ”Ruby Pearl”  (correct me if I’m wrong)

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Since I joined forums in 2008 I know the existance of a Nissan Skyline, for me it was the unique in Spain. Before I wasn’t in this car-modifications-world as I am now.

This car is an HCR32,  in blue. Original factory color was red, but no many people knows that.


Do you know who was the owner of that car by 2010? My partner Jose, the founder of r32taka.com.
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Visita a ATJ MOTOR

Bueno como muchas veces hoy he pasado por ATJ Motor. Tengo un problemilla de “chispa” para el cual al final hemos pedido un juego de bobinas a UK. Como siempre el trato el mejor que te puedas llevar, las instalaciones mejor todavia y bueno hechas una mañana de risas y teorias de esas que te hacen pasar el tiempo volando.