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Hellaflush IV – Aloha kings 2010

Fatlace has published the first photos of one of greatest meeting for this year. Being Hawaii the place, only can be sunny and funny and of course amazing hellaflushness. Check Hellaflush to watch more pictures.

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After Tsunami warning…Today HF again.

Yesterday the event was cancelled due to Tsunami warning. Go to Hellaflush to read last updates. Copy&paste from HF.

1:30PM Update:
Now that the “Tsunami” has passed us, the show must go on. SAME PLACE, SAME TIME.. TOMORROW.

Tonight, please come to the PRE-PARTY tonight and check out Souls of Mischief at the Fresh Cafe. We’ll be all there and will most likely bring some tee’s if you’re interested.

12:45PM Update
In the room of the Tsunami US Stream / outside the room of the tsunami here