Race in… Alfa Romeo 2000GTV

On board in an Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV at Ebisu Circuit. Classic cars are just about feeling and pure driving. No helps, no super technology added. Carburetors and small tires for real feeling.

Quickest view at Osaka you have ever seen

Probably not. In today’s post I will try to summarize Osaka in less than twenty photos. To do this I have avoided some of the most typical places such as Osaka Castle, and perhaps I pay little more attention to other details that you can also find if you visit the city and spend your time walking freely without any determined destination. Another possibility is to fall asleep, you and your pet and wait for better moment.


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The Ferrari 458 Italia and California may have different personalities but both are true Ferraris. From Maranello to Milan, then through the mountains into Switzerland, we drive these most highly evolved of performance cars to the site of one of mankind’s greatest adventures – the Large Hadron Collider. First part: 458 Italia