See how many Z!

Looks like a big Z Meeting at Silvertone someday years back

2010 Trends part II

The last 2009 year is gone. Was one of the better years for creativity, iniciative and over anything try to get new styles.

The hellaflush was growing up very quick last year, as well as, restorations in the “new old classic” like Civic EF and CRX.

Honda world will see more and more restorations in Civic’s to get them completely OEM look, with OEM colours and I think using only quality rims, being BBS and RAYS almost the best choice for next year.

The one who decide swap his Honda will fit more K20 and J-series engine, the support is growing up and every time will be easy find plug and play engine mounts and wirings to swap J-series engines.

Hellaflush will be very very popular in 2010. Not only in US, even being Australia and Europe with HF love. More deep rims, insane camber with colourful rims will be present in HF.

Stickers, roof racks will be the same. Cars will be even more clean than ever with new colours over the OEM colours and stickers in bumpers, bonnets or trunks will increase popularity for next year.

This is my prediction, but I wish to be wrong and get more and more trends for next year. And see who will be more original being VW guys, BMW or Honda who develop new trends.

The new cool car this 2010 is going to be the S2000 and G35. I forget the role for new Hyundai Genesis…We are going to see many of those this year.

Old school is the next…and more old school is coming…Old Toyota and Datsun cars will increase in popularity being Cressida and AE86 even more populars. More people will try to get cheap 240Z and 510…they are almost finish… Hurry up.