10 reasons to buy a Japanese car

1. It is japanese made, so it will never let you down.
2. If it is a brand new car warranty is usually longer than others.
3. If it is second hand car they used to keep its value.
4. Ebay has plenty of second hand parts and aftermarket parts.
5. Chinese also do parts cheap and crappy parts for them.
6. If looking for a classic you will be the coolest men on earth.
7. If it is a classic japanese, you will spend most of your time at yahoo.co.jp so maybe you will learn Japanese.
8. Lucky or not is possible that your car worth more when sell it than when bought it.
9. Some neighbours will not notice if you drive Honda, Toyota or maybe Hyundai.
10. If you drive an Honda probably your neighbour will think you are a ricer when driving the ultimate-coolest-hellaflushed 94′ Civic so you will laugh in your thoughts.