Quick view at Shogo’s Gloria

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Usually you do not have the opportunity of finding such kind of cars. Old School Japanese cars today aren’t as common as you may think. And specially as this Nissan Gloria that Shogo uses everyday as daily driver.

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Even running a little rich this Gloria has a beautiful sound. Carbs has an special spirit, the smell of those cars make you have a free travel to the past, when petrol wasn’t a big problem.

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The inside view was very clean, like no years had passed. Every chrome was shine and the customized steering give to the car the perfect look for Shogo’s character.

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Spot: Sunny Truck

This place, r32taka.com is not like others. We are a real JDM lovers, and really love JDM cars. The Datsun Sunny truck is that kind of cars that you should know about if you are a really japanese lover.

Here is a great example of how to execute a Datsun Sunny. Keep it clean, keep using it every day and then you will enjoy a real car. Sometimes is not everything about drift cars, super VIP CARS, sometimes you should appreciate what a car owner has done to keep a car a life a here is a great example of a great old school car to remember.

When you stay closer for some minutes in front of a car like this one, then you really notice how much the owner is proud of his creation, and I think that nothing is better than be proud of what have you built.

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Forgotten FWD Accord Euro R JDM


The reason why some cars are sometimes forgotten is a mystery. The are some beautiful cars out there that for some reason people don’t care much. Here in rthirtytwotaka we try to show them sometimes to keep them alive.


Probable since the drifting scene came out to internet, many of the FWD are really abandoned. Honda was very popular since Fast Furious but later on Nissan and Toyota are leading the top searches in every social network.


Sometimes there are other reasons, like come cars where never exported from Japan but this also applies to other cars and they are hitting the scene very hard as Cresta or Mark II’s.





Ibaragi-San BCNR-33

Hello readers.

I’ve been searching for some cool stuff, but this time is not an stock car. From Fukui comes Ibaragi-San and his awesome Skyline GT-R (R33) which I would say is my favourite R33 after the 400R.


The car its pretty good, from exterior to interior, simple but effective, 2 words I always say, and believe me, they always work well together.

p1 p2 p4 760_141427909339437_1282580262_n 64787_177523909063170_377152192_n 291842_137787529703475_70368256_n 527301_130701483745413_296925032_n

Specs[ Other Engine ]
TOMEI 2.8L forged pistons kit 87φ
H Tomei forged rods
77.7mm forged crankshaft TOMEI RB28
Block N1 ( 24U ) mannequin head with drilling and grinding ( TOMEI )
TRUST IN/EX264 ° 9.1 lift cams
TOMEI reinforced valve spring
RB26 NAPREC high response valve kit forging
NAPREC valve guide careers
TOMEI gasket 88φ1.2mm
+ WPC parents NISMO metal processing ( NAPREC )
HKS cam sprocket
HKS reinforced timing belt
Pressure pipe HKS
SARD 700cc injectors
SARD Fuel Regulator
TO4R HKS turbine
HKS GT Westgate
HKS stainless exhaust manifold forward on Fu °
HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded × 2
TRUST Surge tank ( silver complex Na )
NISMO Fuel Pump
NISMO reinforced engine support
TOMEI reinforced oil pump
TOMEI oil gallery hole
Processing large capacity oil pan TOMEI
TOMEI Oil Pan Baffle
Oil collecting tank ARC
titanium muffler fun R1 ( Main φ90 ) Blue Gradient
Apex Super catalyst

[ Cooling ]
BLITZ 3 layer intercooler
HKS intercooler pipe
N1 water pump
TRUST oil cooler 16 stages
Aluminum radiator TRUST
GARAGE DEFEND GT cooling panel
SAMCO radiator, heater, blow through the hose
BILLION brake air duct
Billion VFC- Pro “DD ”
BILLION low thermostat , air outlet tank temp

[ System Drive ]
Getrag 6-speed ( input shaft NISMO strengthening ) 4.1 Final
NISMO strengthening assembly mission , color members
OS GIKEN flywheel ( BNR34 a)
OS GIKEN R3C triple disc clutch
Active HKSkansai E -TS controller
v.spec genuine active LSD

[Suspension ]
TEIN TYPE RS harmonic drive
SWIFT Spring F: 18kg/mm ​​8インチ
SWIFT Spring R : 16kg/mm ​​9インチ
Pirro IKEYAFORMURA front adjuster link
IKEYAFORMURA roll center adjuster arm
IKEYAFORMURA strengthening rod end
IKEYAFORMURA rear camber adjustment arm
Arm adjustment later IKEYAFORMURA low
Multilink IKEYAFORMURA spacer (aluminum )
IKEYAFORMURA pulling adjustment rod
Corset NISMO rear element
NISMO steering rack bush
CUSCO Stabilizer / R

[Campaign ]
Cusco 5 point roll bar
Nams strongly support
NISMO rear tower bar
DO- LUCK rear crossbar

[ Brakes ]
( Not installed) Brembo F50
Brembo 6POT
F: 2 piece rotor Rdd φ355
R : rotor V36 φ350
Braking N1 -500 pills Store
Racing999 Projectμ brake pads
Pump large diameter brake AUTOSELECT
ENDLESS Brake Hose

[ Interior other]
NISMO combination meter
Defi water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, the exhaust gas temperature , tachometer
Apex boost, water temperature gauge
HKS Circuit Attack Counter
NARDI φ350 type of event
RapFix WorksBell GTC
Do- Luck SHIFT -i
Top sabelt Formula 3 inches by 6 points
NISMO GT titanium shift knob processing hardening

[ Wheel ]
TE37 Wheel 9.5J 12
TE37SL wheel 10.5J +15.11 J 18
Panamax wheel 10.5J Sports +20.10 Ⅱ G7C5C J -14
NISMO racing 17mm chrome nut
NISMO strengthening bolt hub

[ Exterior others]
( Not installed) full aero topsecret
CARSHOPF1 twill carbon hood , trunk carbon twill
Professional diffuser front TOPSECRET ( BNR34 to improve )
Devil AUTOSELECT spoiler
AUTOSELECT carbon canard × 2
MAX Racing carbon rear diffuser
BORDER through the Racing
TC- N1 square nave mirror
Z34 rear air guide
Head cover PRESENTS Painting Aquamarine acid
MACCHINA titanium only bar bell
ESPRIT 321 + GT Wing ghani – Lapel
SARD GT wing stay (Super High Long)

Nostalgia: Low-cost R32

Hey guys, its been a while since last time a posted!

Well, since last july to be more exactly. The summer has been very intense, and I had to study for the exams I did yesterday. I wanted to come back with something nice to bring you, so I decided to make something original instead of making a post of a round or a tuned car.

Okay, lets talk about the meaning of the blog or at least the main reason of this blog, the Nissan Skyline. The car you see below, its not the Skyline you are accostumed to see, I went through the Internet and when I saw it, for some reason it attracted me too much..

I am sure, you see this when I say ”HCR32”





Yes, you may recognize A bo Moon’s and Kure Arara’s Skyline. What I’m trying to say is that when I say HCR you think in a low Skyline, or something for Matsuri, or just a lowered and kitted sedan, but not, im not going to show you another tuned HCR or more exactly HR32.



Wow, you dont expected that right?

What an amazing unit, this is a stock and mint condition Nissan Skyline 4-Door, know as HR-32. More specific GXi Type-X.


The body been treated with love, you just need to see how it looks, im sure the owner dont used photoshop.



Seeing the rims, I would say this is the very basic version, the GXi Type-X  fitted with factory stock CA18i pushing around 90 hp.


Not only the exterior looks amazing, the interior does too, just look the handbrake leather, still as the first day!


As you can see, this unit is equipped with automatic gearbox, also the owner upgraded and added a screen, but look at the seats and the dashboard, clock shows just 35387km, yes, less than 40.000 kms for an almost 25 years old car.

TI hope you like this as I enjoyed writing it.


Hey guys!

How is going on readers? Well, last weekend we went  to the OSD Round in Castellolí ParcMotor.  José,  Alex; propietor of ATJ Motor, and me. The day was really good, we had the opportunity to see some very awesome cars. Mostly tuned cars, and most of them were japanese cars as we do like.

But, yes, tuned cars are very cool, but you forget that tuned cars are stock cars, so looking in the parking lot I found a very interesting car, of course it wasnt tuned.

The car I’m talking about its a ’95 Nissan 200SX, painted in ”Ruby Pearl”  (correct me if I’m wrong)

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