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Supra is still cool

We often forgot the well known Toyota Supra because in nowadays  Nissan, classic cars and any other variants or tendencies catch all the attention and almost all the blogs and magazines do post stuff like that. It is true that we also do :-p but is important to remember that the Supra is still there in the roads and to me it still continues impacting me as the first day I seen one.

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Daihatsu ESSE

If you are a regular reader of this blog, sometimes we post some rare or uncommon cars here. Again another model which is unknown in Europe and probably even less known yet in the U.S..

But as this is Japan, here everything is possible and this is another example of USDM in a Daihatsu ESSE in a very extreme way.

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Coopers at Fitted Fes4

This past weekend 07-07-2013 took place the Fitted Fes4 in Nagashima. I selected these Mini’s as sample as how quick the USDM grows in Japan. Photos were not took in California as this Mini in the first picture shows. Belive it!


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Old School Skylines Part I

Hey mates!

Me and my partner Jose were thinking into a retro post to get you nostalgic. After surfing the internet for a couple of weeks looking for cool stuff to bring you, we found a series of old Skyline pictures that are very special for us. Mainly we tried to select photos taken during 1990 and ahead but maybe some were took a little after.


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